6th July 2023
By Wendy Collinson

[Video] Watch the launch of ‘Ukraine media: defiance and truth-telling’

The frontline role of independent journalism in Ukraine needs greater international support says the Ethical Journalism Network (EJN) in a special report on the country’s media situation launched on Monday 10th July at 11 am CEST (10:00 BST).

The report, ‘Ukraine media: defiance and truth-telling – the frontline struggle for information and democracy,’ also includes a series of essays on the challenges facing media in the current conflict and makes a comprehensive set of recommendations to strengthen journalism in Ukraine. It highlights the importance of international donor support for media and the networks of international media support that are raising funds and urgently needed help for Ukraine media. The report also reinforces the importance of Ukraine’s home-grown efforts to build a professional journalistic landscape through the country’s ethics commission which despite the war continues to work to build support for independent journalism.

‘Ukraine media: defiance and truth-telling’ was launched with a panel discussion at the Brussels Press Club which was live-streamed. Chaired by EJN President and report editor, Aidan White, our panellists featured media leaders from Ukraine, including Andrii Kulykov (Head of the Ukraine Ethics Commission) and Lina Kushch, (First Secretary of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine); Adeline Hulin (UNESCO Project Coordinator Freedom of Expression/EU Partnerships); Jeanne Cavelier (European Director, Reporters sans frontières); Jean-Paul Marthoz (human rights expert, writer and one of the essay authors) and Tom Law (Deputy Director, Global Forum for Media Development). Watch the recording below or on the EJN’s YouTube channel.