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EJN Annual report 2018/19:

Ethics and the Fight for the Future of Journalism

Over the last year, the EJN reached far more than the participants through our core activities than ever before.

We carried out 166 programme-related actions (50 more than the same period last year) where the EJN had direct contact with our target groups – journalists and media executives; media academics and students of journalism; policymakers and civil society groups totalling over 7,100 individuals.

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Building Quality and Trust in News

Welcome to the Ethical Journalism Network – an alliance of reporters, editors and publishers aiming to strengthen journalism around the world.

We work to build trust in news media through training, education and research because we believe that fact-based communications delivered by well-trained and ethical media professionals are essential to help people better understand the world around them.

Journalism everywhere is under attack. In the face of unscrupulous politics, the scourge of fake news and online hate, and the self-serving spin of public relations, we believe everyone who is committed to truth, honesty and decency in the news should stand up for ethics and for the future of journalism.

Journalism makes a positive difference in people’s lives. It promotes understanding of complex events. It brings people together. It opens the door to dialogue and peace-building. Through quality journalism, people get the facts and information they can trust.

The Ethical Journalism Network aims to strengthen the craft of journalism and to promote for the public benefit high ethical standards in journalism, based on principles of truth and accuracy, independence, fairness and impartiality, humanity and accountability by the provision of education and training of journalists and the publication of useful research.

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What the Ethical Journalism Network does

The EJN’s research and training materials focus on; accountable journalism and self-regulation; corruption and self-censorship; ethics and sources; hate speech; media literacy; and media and migration.

Accountable Journalism


The Accountable Journalism website is a searchable database of the world’s regulatory bodies, Press Councils and journalism Codes of Ethics. Run by the EJN and The Reynolds Journalism Institute at the Missouri School of Journalism, the website also brings together the best resources on media ethics and ethical journalism.

What is Accountable Journalism

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