EJN Activities in Sudan 2017-2018

With Al Jazeera the EJN joined the International Press Institute, and the African Media Initiative for a symposium on human rights and journalism in Khartoum for journalists and civil society. The opportunity also allowed the EJN to enter dialogue with the Sudanese government on its poor press freedom record and call for Sudanese media to be given the freedom to organise itself without state interference.

Following the EJN’s participation in a workshop for Sudanese journalists on hate speech and migration coverage in Khartoum organised by Al Jazeera’s Center for Public Liberties and Human Rights in May 2017, the following declaration was agreed to represent the outcomes of the event and as an outline for future work.

Read the full declaration here: Combating Hate and Building Trust in Media to Create a Fair and Just Society

Read more in the EJN Annual report for 2017-2018

Codes of Ethics from Sudan

For more ethical codes for African media visit https://accountablejournalism.org/ethics-codes/africa

  • There are currently no known Codes of Ethics from Sudan.

Regulatory Bodies of Sudan

There are currently no known self regulatory bodies of Sudan.

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