Sue Turton

Sue Turton UK Committee Member

Sue Turton has been in TV news and documentaries, both in front and behind the camera, for more than thirty years.
She was Series Editor for Channel 4’s Unreported World before returning to producing/directing with films in Afghanistan, India and South Korea over the past year.

Sue worked as a correspondent and news anchor for Channel 4 News for 12 years and then for Al Jazeera for six, covering conflicts across the Middle East and North Africa, and winning awards, including two from the RTS, for her reporting and film making.
After a year as Al Jazeera’s Afghanistan Correspondent she switched to roving war correspondent covering the Arab Uprising in Egypt, the Libyan revolution and the Syrian war with missions alongside Al Qaeda affiliate Jabhat al Nusra. She went on to cover the fight against ISIS in Syria and Iraq.

Sue devised and fronted the #FreeAJStaff global campaign after she and six other journalists were falsely convicted of terrorism in Egypt and three were imprisoned for a year.

She’s a published author and regular newspaper contributor.

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