EJN Activities in Turkey 2017-2018

The EJN has initiated a solidarity process in which key organisations representing journalists and media support groups have come together to challenge the oppressive policies of the government which has targeted dissidents and media critics since the attempted coup in 2016. In 2018 the EJN organised meetings with Turkish colleagues, regulators, investigative journalism groups, and media educators in Istanbul and Ankara including the Turkish Syndicate of Journalists, the Turkish Press Council and a number of media support groups.

Although the media crisis in Turkey is profound with more than 140 journalists in jail or facing prosecution, Turkish journalists and media supporters are defiant and plan to work together to strengthen the skills, awareness and capacity of news staff. During 2018 the EJN will be working with international supporters, including the International Press Institute, to encourage further actions towards building solidarity and practical actions to support journalists and media.

Read the full EJN Annual Report for 2017-18 here

EJN Programme Report 2016

In 2016 the EJN joined an international delegation of press freedom groups to Istanbul protesting over the detention of Editor Can Dündar and Erdem Gül, in Turkey.

The Director of Communications attended the General Meeting of the European Federation of Journalists in Sarajevo on April 25-26. The event proved vital in forming new connections with unions and associations across Europe, especially in the Western Balkans and Turkey ahead of the UNESCO project which kicked off in April. We gained new supporters in Montenegro.

August saw the EJN receive a special award from the Turkish Association of Journalists for our support and solidarity during the current media crisis in that country.

On September 28, as Turkish media continued to be targeted in the government crackdown after a coup attempt in July, the EJN took part in a Council of Europe Roundtable on media, justice and corruption, in Ankara and argued for a new low-key approach to training and support for free expression in Turkey during the period of crisis.

Read the full EJN Annual Report for 2016 here

Codes of Ethics from Turkey

For more ethical codes for European media visit https://accountablejournalism.org/ethics-codes/europe

Regulatory Bodies of Turkey


EJN Reports on Journalism in Turkey

For background about the EJN’s work in Turkey, read:

Censorship in the park

In 2013 the Ethical Journalism Network commissioned a report – Censorship in the Park – to give voice to concerns in over self-censorship and threats to independent journalism in Turkey during and after the sweeping anti-government protests which began in Istanbul’s Gezi Park in the summer of 2013.

Turkish Media Trapped by Politics and Corruption

In 2017, the EJN held a series of workshops in Istanbul and Ankara providing tips and support for young journalists in a country where political pressure on journalists has increased since the attempted coup last year and where self-censorship is present across the whole media landscape.

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