The EJN’s impact 2017-18

In Africa, the EJN’s programme of activities included sessions on improving how ethics and journalism are taught at universities and other teaching institutions, with representatives from universities in Kenya and Nigeria.

Read the full EJN Annual Report for 2017-18 here

EJN Programme Report for 2016

At the Federation of Africa Journalists conference in Abuja, Nigeria, the EJN Africa representative Rachael Nakitare made a detailed presentation on the Africa sections of the Moving Stories report and the EJN’s 5-point test for hate speech. The EJN was able to support colleagues from Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda and Burundi to attend the session. This action and an earlier event in Nairobi (plus a regional conference in Uganda, see below) has further extended EJN support in Africa and paved the way for a new programme in 2017.

In August hate speech was again the focus of EJN interventions at meetings in Amman, Nairobi and in Palestine where participants included journalists from the Arab-Israeli community.

Read the full EJN Annual Report for 2016 here

Codes of Ethics from Kenya

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