Hannah Storm

The Trustees of the Ethical Journalism Network – an alliance of reporters, editors and publishers aiming to strengthen journalism around the world –  appointed Hannah Storm as its new Director and CEO on 7 January 2019.

Hannah, currently the Director of the International News Safety Institute (INSI) will join the EJN on 15 April 2019, taking over from the EJN’s interim director, Chris Elliott. Chris will return to his role as a trustee of the EJN after he has handed over to Hannah.

Hannah started at INSI in 2010, becoming its director in 2012. Since joining, she has developed INSI’s network to include many of the world’s leading news organisations. She has also coordinated conversations between members to ensure that journalists are better equipped to stay safe despite the changing frontlines facing news media, be they physical, psychological or digital.

Hannah is particularly interested in the gendered aspects of safety and is the co-author of ‘No Woman’s Land – On the Frontlines with Female Journalists‘ and ‘Violence and Harassment Against Women in the News Media‘, co-written with the International Women’s Media Foundation.

She has authored other publications including The Kidnapping of Journalists: Reporting from High-Risk Conflict Zones and ‘The Emotional Impact on Journalists of Covering the Refugee Crisis’ both published by the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism at the University of Oxford.

Hannah Storm said of her appointment:

“I’ve long admired the great efforts of the Ethical Journalism Network and, having worked for many years in the field of journalism safety, I appreciate the fact that media safety and ethics often go hand in hand.

Around the world, many of our colleagues are working in increasingly difficult environments, faced with the pressures of propaganda, undermined by officialdom and embattled by a rising tide of hate speech and misinformation. Journalism is facing a crisis of trust and a fight for truth and I believe there has never been a more important time to promote sound ethics in journalism.

I feel immensely honoured to be joining the Ethical Journalism Network and to helping drive forward and expand its extremely important mission.

I am really grateful for the work that Chris Elliott has done as the EJN’s interim director and I look forward to working with him and the EJN’s founder Aidan White, as well as the rest of the dedicated and impressive team, supporting colleagues around the world to work freely and ethically.”

Hannah is also a freelance media consultant specialising in gender. As such she advises organisations, including the United Nations, on issues such as gender-sensitive reporting, sexual harassment and the need for more gender balance in newsrooms and news output.

Before joining INSI, Storm spent more than a decade working as a journalist for television and radio, online and print for outlets including the BBC, The Times, Reuters and ITN, and Oxfam.

Read the Press Release announcing Hannah’s appointment here: Hannah Storm appointed new Director & CEO of the Ethical Journalism Network.