EJN Impact Report 2017-18

Over the year the EJN took part in five events as part of the European Union Media Against Hate project with media support groups and the European Federation of Journalists in Brussels, Dublin, London, Rome, and Zagreb.

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EJN Impact Report 2016

We have reached around 1,748 policy makers and civil society leaders, representing national governments, international organisations and non government groups, all of them dealing with media and with a particular interest in media ethics and the focus issues of our programme. The EJN has joined the European Union Media Literacy Expert Panel in January 2016 and joined the UNESCO global media literacy leadership. We submitted a working paper for the World Media Literacy Congress in Brazil in November 2016.

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EJN Programme Report 2016

In Brussels on May 25 the EJN contributed to a meeting of media experts and policymakers on the establishment of an EU mechanism on Democracy, Rule of Law and Fundamental Rights” at the European Parliament. After the meeting the EJN (together with the European  Federation of Journalists) drafted proposals for including media self regulation in each member state of the EU to be included in the new mechanism.

The EJN was given a fresh opportunity to place ethics of journalism at the heart of discussion on media literacy at the European Union media literacy conference on combating extremism and propaganda held in Riga on June 28.

As the year came to an end, the issue of refugees remained at the heart of discussions. The EJN took part in the November 7 Prague Media Point Conference on Media and Migration and on November 24 at the EU conference on communicating migration held in Vienna.

Read the full EJN Annual Report for 2016 here

Ethical Journalism Network resources on the European Union, European Parliament and European Commission

In January 2017 the EJN published “Media Lies and Brexit” by Gareth Harding, as part of Ethics in the News, which reviewed the role of the British press in the United Kingdom‘s decision to leave the European Union – Brexit.

Other resources on the European Union, European Parliament and European Commission

The European Parliament has a Euromyths blog, that debunks false claims in the UK Press and held a debate on media literacy in Strasbourg in 2017.