Daniela Sala

Daniela Sala is an Italian, Rome-based, journalist, video-maker and photographer. Her works appeared on The Guardian, News Deeply, Open Migration, RaiNews24, Corriere della Sera, Avvenire. She works as a contributor for Radio Radicale. Her work focuses on Labour exploitation, Gender and migration issues, and Mental Health. She reported from the Middle East, South America, Vietnam and Europe. She is the co-founder of Inclusive Media, a platform that enhances cooperation between European and Middle Eastern journalists.

She holds a Phd in Journalism. In 2017 she graduated from WSP Masterclass in Documentary Photography in Rome. In 2017 she was awarded Premio Morrione for Investigative Journalism for a web-doc on mental health in Italy. In 2016 she received Sabrina Sganga grant for a multimedia piece on migrants’ fight against mafia and labour exploitation in Southern Italy. She was a panelist at the Women on the frontline conference on human trafficking in Beirut in March 2018.

In 2018 Daniela Sala was one of 10 fellows selected by the Ethical Journalism Network and the International Labour Organisation for the second stage Fairway Fellowship to support quality reporting on labour migration in the Gulf States, Jordan and Lebanon.

Her first article published as part of the fellowship was:

Her articles published as part of the fellowship were: