19th April 2016
By Stefanie Chernow

Hate Speech in Digital Media

The Jordan Media Institute in cooperation with the Norwegian Institute of Journalism organised a Conference on Hate Speech in Digital and Social Media in Amman, Jordan from the 26-27 April 2016.

The Ethical Journalism Network’s Director, Aidan White, gave a keynote speech on hate speech and the EJN’s ‘Turning the Page of Hate’ campaign.

Media Coverage: Unprofessional media, politicians blamed for spread of hate-speech (Jordan Times)

For more information on the EJN’s work on hate-speech see:

Other speakers at the event included:

Dr. Basim Tweissi, Dean, Jordan Media Institute

Frode Rekve, Norwegian Institute of Journalism

Dr. Mohammed AbuRob, Birzeit University; “Daesh”: Sending and Receiving through the Hashtag

Wahid Qarmash, Media Observatory in North Africa and the Middle East; Monitoring Hate and Resentment Speech in Print Media

Dr. Naila Hamdy, American University in Cairo; A Review of Conferences on Hate Speech (Beirut, Cairo, Amman)

Rifa’at Al-Mohammad, Syria; The Role of Media and Social Communication Tools in Reinforcing Sectarian Speech among the Syrian Society’s Components during the Syrian Revolution

Dr. Samira Muttakel, The Hashemite University; How the Media Presents Hate through Images

Anne Templeton and Evangelos Ntontis, International Forum for Islamic Dialogue; “Us” and “Them”: How Do We Categorize Refugees?

Dr. Marwan Allan, Philadelphia University; The Role of Jordan Media in Using the Arts to Challenge Hate

Prof. Mohammad Husainat and Dr. Yousef Khataybeh, Al-Balqa’ Applied University; The Effect of Social Media on Spreading Hate Speech in the Jordanian Society

Dr. Yamine Boudahan, Mohamed Lamine Debaghine Sétif 2 University; Educating Youth on Culture of Communication on Social Media Networks to Confront Hate Speech – Algeria as Model

Dr. Yousef Al-Sharman, Al-Balqa Applied University and Dr. Firdous Al-Omari, Jordan University of Science and Technology; The Role of Social Media: Facebook, Twitter and YouTube in Spreading Hate Elements in Arab Countries

May Abu-Assab, Birzeit University; Media Ethics and the Culture of the Herd: Speech Content in Palestinian Digital and Social Media

Dr. Thaher Al-Qurashi, Amman Arab University; The Role of the Internet in the Manufacture of Extremist Thinking and Terrorism (Field Study)

Prof. Sa’d Abu Dayyeh, University of Jordan; Jordanian Official Response to the Arab Spring’s Media Rhetoric

Prof. Issam Al-Musa, Philadelphia University; Rational Cultural Heritage Values in Confronting Hate Speech in Contemporary Digital Media

Prof. Hilmi Sari, Jordan; The Effect of Hate Speech in Social Media Networks on Social Security – Sociological Analysis

Dalal Salameh, Jordanian Media Credibility Monitor “AKEED”; Professional Violations as Instruments of Producing “Hate Speech”: Syrian Displacement Coverage as a Model

Prof. Jamal Al-Shalabi, Jordan Media Institute; The Amman Message: A Narrative to Confront Extremism

Dr. Abdul Rahim Al-Sharif, Zarqa University; Senior Muslim Scholars’ Methodology to Describe and Prevent Hate Speech which is Spreading in Contemporary Social Media

Dr. Moslih Kanaaneh, Birzeit University; “Verbal Attacks”: Intellectual Repression Mechanisms on Digital and Social Media: A Case from Palestine

Dr. Mustafa Al-Ta’I, Ajman University of Science and Technology; Hate Speech in Arab Media: Social or Political Phenomenon?