9th March 2018
By Tom Law

Domestic worker says she experienced ‘slavery’ with her employer

By Sawsan Tabazah – Jordan Times – Mar 29,2018

AMMAN — Isolated from the world, not allowed to communicate with anyone or to leave the house, Monika, a domestic worker, said she suffered behind closed doors for months before she could escape from her “prison”. 

Monika is not her real name but was changed upon her request to protect her identity. 

Interviewed by The Jordan Times in November last year and then via e-mail recently, Monika said her dream was to make a decent living for her two-year-old baby. “All turned into a nightmare the moment I started work for my new employer.”

“They picked me from the airport, but I immediately felt unwelcomed and I started crying” the 30-year-old women told The Jordan Times, a day after she ran away from her employer’s house in November and was hosted at the Jordanian Women
Union (JWU)’s shelter. 

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Sawsan Tabazah is a freelance reporter for The Jordan Times, Jordan’s only daily issued in English Language. Sawsan started her career as a journalist in May 2016 after she graduated from the University of Jordan with BA degree in Applied English. Her main journalistic interests are women, youth and human rights causes.

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