27th November 2018
By Tom Law

EJN project to create a glossary on hate speech Palestinian media 2018


Meeting of the

“Working Group for Ethical Journalism in Palestine”

as part of the EJN-supported project to create a glossary on hate speech for Palestinian media

Palestine Centre for Research and Education (CARE), Ramallah, Palestine

13-14 November 2018

November 13 2018 – Lecture at Hebron University

The EJN Director of campaigns, Tom Law, gave a lecture on hate speech and ethical journalism to 60 journalism students and academics at the University of Hebron’s journalism department. The university will be taking part in the research to create a glossary of hate speech in Palestinian media. November 14 2018 – Palestine Hate Speech Glossary Working Group

Focusing on the rise of hate speech in and amongst Palestine and Arab communities, the meeting is the start of an EJN-led initiative to create a hate speech glossary for media in Palestine.

The agenda for the meeting included:

  • Presentation on the aims and objectives of the hate speech glossary work in Palestine, EJN
  • Presentation on the process for compiling the Egyptian Glossary on Hate Speech, Egypt Media Development Programme & Egypt Editors Forum
  • Discussion and development of a strategy and plan of action to deliver the Palestine glossary and training course on hate speech.


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