Ethical Journalism Network Newsletter – 7 June 2016



British Journalists Chastened on Ethics

British journalists are more likely to pay sources for information than American journalists, but journalists in both countries agree that providing reliable information is their chief goal.

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Czech TV News Told Staff to Negatively Cover Refugees, Leaked Audio & Anonymous Sources Tell Czech News Site

Czech TV news station Prima TV told its journalists last September to only cover the refugee crisis negatively, Czech’s Radio Prague reported. Jitka Obzinová, head of news, said in the tape, according to Aftonbladet, “You must always produce refugees as a threat.”

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Readers’ news literacy helps flourish ethical journalism

Readers can play an effective role in making mass media more ethical and responsible through better understanding of news and its critical analysis. The media too has a responsibility to help the readers acquire such “news literacy” skills.

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US State May Soon Guarantee Students Their First Amendment Rights

Student journalists in Illinois may soon be able to work without fear of censorship due to a bill making its way to the governor’s desk that would codify their rights.

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Greece: media and migration

How to report on migration? How to respect the rights of asylum seekers, refugees, and minorities? The case of Greece and the proposal of the “Charter of Idomeni”

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Press on trial: syndicate leaders vow storming headquarters will not pass unnoticed

Qasr Al Nil misdemeanour court postponed on Saturday morning the trial of the Press Syndicate’s head Yahia Qalash and two board members to 18 June.

They face charges of harbouring wanted journalists inside the syndicate headquarters and propagating false news.

Read full story here. (The Daily News Egypt)

NPR Photographer, Interpreter Killed In Afghanistan

David Gilkey, an NPR photojournalist who chronicled pain and beauty in war and conflict, was killed in Afghanistan on Sunday along with NPR’s Afghan interpreter Zabihullah Tamanna.

Read the full story here. (NPR)

Fact-checkers from 41 countries meet in Buenos Aires this week

In an age of massive disinformation campaigns, social media echo chambers and fact-challenged political candidates, high-quality fact-checking is indispensable.

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This Radio Station Is Trying To Heal One Of The Most War-Torn Parts Of Africa

There is a river that runs through Bambari, one of the largest cities in the Central African Republic. The city’s Muslim community lives on one side of the river. The Christians reside on the other.

Read the full article here. (The HuffPost)


European Conference Marking Statewatch’s 25th Anniversary- Civil Liberties, the State, and the European Union

10:00 – 17:00, Saturday 25 June 2016

Resource for London, 356 Holloway Road, London N7 ( map)

For 25 years Statewatch has been working to publish and promote investigative journalism and critical research in Europe in the fields of the state, justice and home affairs, civil liberties, accountability and openness. We invite you to join us in London on 25 June 2016 at our Conference where there will be:

Workshops and discussions on the refugee crisis in the Med and in the EU; mass surveillance; the EU’s crisis of legitimacy and accountability; the policing of protest and criminalisation of communities; racism, xenophobia and the far right; strategies of resistance and the defence of civil liberties.


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European Media Coverage of the Refugee Question- Institute of the Mediterranean (IEMED)

As part of the Institute of the Mediterranean’s series of conferences on Migration around the Mediterranean, the Ethical Journalism Network’s Advisor, Jean-Paul Marthoz, the EU Correspondent for the Committee to Protect Journalists, will be attending a roundtable on the European Media coverage of the Refugee questionin Barcelona on 20 June 2016. The roundtable discussing will include an exploration of the Ethical Journalism Network’s recent report: Moving Stories – International Review of How Media Cover Migration. The debate will focus on how the refugee issue has been approached from the different European countries, what the dominant narratives are, what are the ethical considerations media professionals need to have when dealing with refugees, and how media professionals have coped with the situation. Journalists who have experience of covering migration will also be taking part.

Read more information about the event here.

Second European Media and Information Literacy Forum

The Ethical Journalism Network’s director, Aidan White, will be participating at the Second European Media and Information Literacy Forum in Riga, Latvia from 27 June 2016 – 29 June 2016. Watch the EJN’s Director, Aidan White, speaking at the first event in the series in Brussels here.


Read more information about the event here.

EJN Participating in Inaugural Aegean Summit in Athens, Greece- Creating an Annual Meeting Point for Independent Media Startups & Journalists: Europe, Mediterranean, & MEAN Cross-Border Collaboration

The Ethical Journalism Network’s director, Aidan White, will be speaking at the inaugural Aegean Summit in Athens on July 1st. The event hopes to become a forum for new and independent media in the Euro-Mediterranean & MENA with international speakers and participants.

The EJN will be participating in the session on the second day of the summit focusing on how migration & refugee crisis is being covered in the region’s media, referring to the findings from the EJN’s Moving Stories report on how media cover migration. The session will also explore how to work collaboratively to improve media literacy, responsible communications, tackle hate speech & intolerance, and strengthen self-regulation of independent media.

Read more about the event here.