Carta di Roma – Checklist for Diversity

  1. Am I aware of my personal assumptions about the issues, the stories and the people I choose to report on?
  2.  Am I aware of the power of images, words, sounds and music?
  3.  Do I mention ethnicity if it is not relevant to the story?
  4.  Do I spend enough time checking the facts? Am I sure that I am using the correct terms?
  5.  Do I consult more experienced colleagues – and those from different backgrounds – when necessary?
  6. Do I choose my interviewees because of their relevance to the story or because I expect them to attract the attention of the viewer?
  7. Do I try to find a variety of opinions among the minority spokespeople and witnesses I interview
  8. Are the minority subjects in my story for authentic reasons?
  9. Do I find new angles and develop my stories a bit further?
  10. Do I challenge myself to find new sources and to question the dominant discourse?
  11.  Do I reflect on whether my stories maintain stereotypes?
  12.  Do I consider the impact of my report not only on viewer opinion but also on the lives of the subjects portrayed?
  13.  Do I actively try to recruit colleagues who will bring a diversity of perspective into the newsroom?
  14.  Am I interested in cultures other than my own and open to accepting proposals of stories from different cultural viewpoints?



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