Association of Journalism Education

The EJN Director Aidan White was a guest speaker at a conference organised by the Association of Journalism Education – a body made up Higher Education Institutions across the UK – on Friday 30th June at the London College of Communication.

According the AJE website:

The theme of the conference is ‘Journalism: A New World Order’.

Papers and presentations will cover such topics as:

The future for journalism: who is defining the journalism of the future in a world where opinion is elevated above facts? What role does the academy have in teaching students the value/importance of news in our society? How is collaboration with industry facilitating the future of journalism and journalism education? Has fake news/alternative facts provided an opportunity for journalism to re-evaluate its role?

Designing curriculum for the future: what can we do now to ensure our students are prepared for the challenges and opportunities in the production of news in the future? What does the rise of social media mean to them? How does the curriculum position the role of journalism today and in the future?

Future students: meeting hopes and expectations of students; Preparing students for a changing work of work and a changing expectation of news consumers?

The future for journalism educators: How do journalism educators prepare for a changing world where knowledge and practice are key?

For more details about the conference details see: