Building Trust and Taking the Hate Out of Journalism

This report on the 2014 programme of the Ethical Journalism Network covers a further period of intense activity. We have improved our communications and continued to expand. At the same time we have consolidated the presence of the Network in media development efforts to strengthen journalism worldwide. The EJN has carried out targeted activities in all regions of the world. This reports sets out the full calendar of events and actions during the year.

A brief note of major EJN achievements during 2014 would include the following:

1. The launch of a major campaign against hate speech in journalism – Turning the Page of Hate – in co-operation with partners in Africa (Kigali, April);

2. The preparation and promotion of a Five-Point Test for Journalists to Combat Hate Speech (available in English, Arabic, Burmese and Turkish);

3. The launch of a new debate on how journalism can strengthen commitments to responsible communications in the public information space (Bali, October);

4. Development of co-operation with four universities in Palestine to promote ethics and actions to counter hate-speech (Palestine, October);

5. Publication of report on self-censorship in Turkey and co-operation with local media partners to develop counter strategies (Istanbul, November);

6. Development of proposals for EJN work in the Arab world including plan for a Middle East Centre to Combat hate Speech in Journalism (Beirut, November);

7. Commissioning of a detailed report on credibility of media self-regulation in 15 countries to be published January 2015 with follow-up conference on results;

8. Preparation of report on crisis of paid-journalism and conflicts of interest that corrupt media. Covering 15 countries and to be published January 2015;

9. Development of co-operation with Chinese media on ethical journalism issues (mission to London December) with EJN return visit planned for 2015;

10. Co-operation with Egyptian journalists and support for independent editors association (launched June) and solidarity missions to Cairo and Oslo;

11. Development of work with International Organisation of Migration for launch of Migration Newsdesk and EJN survey on coverage of migration for 2015;

12. Conclusion of agreement with UNESCO for work on self-regulation and ethical support for journalism in Western Balkans and Turkey 2015-2016.


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