Dr Richard Danbury UK Committee Member

Dr Richard Danbury has been a member of the EJN’s UK Committee of advisors since its inception in January 2021.

Dr Danbury is an academic lawyer, a journalist and a former practicing barrister. He directs the City University MA in investigative journalism.

A long while ago, he practised — briefly — as a criminal barrister, before joining the BBC, where he worked for about a decade. he was based in news and current affairs, and specialised in interviews and investigations. He spent extended periods on programmes such as Newsnight and Panorama. His first job was as a researcher on the investigative documentary series Rough Justice, and his last staff job was as Deputy Editor of the 2010 BBC Prime Ministerial Debate. While at the BBC, he was part of teams that won two Royal Television Society Awards and a New York Festivals medal. He then went freelance and has worked for Channel 4, Sky and ITN. Up until Keir Starmer, he’d produced interviews with just about every leader of a main UK political party since 2000, He has worked on TV coverage of the past six general elections.

He has coordinated Channel 4’s investigative journalism training scheme for the past six years, and has been the BBC’s Advanced Legal Trainer for the past nine years. He is a member of the Scott Trust Review Panel, the organisation that deals with editorial complaints in relation to the Guardian’s content.

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