Tunisia Calling For Urgent Action To Strengthen Ethical Journalism


Inside Ethics

Tunisia Calls for Ethical Journalism Revive Movement for Arab Media Reform

Almost three years after the Arab Spring burst into life journalists in the region have lost patience with political leaders who have failed to deliver long overdue media reforms….

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Public Interest vs Private Lives: When Is It Okay To Disclose Victim Information?

On the 6th of July 1989, television coverage of the 405 bus terrorist attack in Israel showed graphic footage of victims’ remains. Not only were images uncensored but one woman was also able to identify her sister from the video before receiving formal notification from the authorities….

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New Reports & Resources

Media Standards Audit: Reporting for Good Governance and Transparency in Pakistan

The aim of this proposal is to help media establish a process to measure performance, set goals, and manage change through an organisational report that acts as an internal audit, providing information on the company and its work.

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EJN Principles for Elections Coverage

A short presentation on the six points to keep in mind while covering elections in an ethical fashion.

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Use With Care: A Reporter’s Glossary of Loaded Language in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

The International Press Institute (IPI) is making available on its website a downloadable version of “Use With Care: A Reporter’s Glossary of Loaded Language in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict”.

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Verification Handbook

Coming January 2014

The European Journalism Centre (EJC) will be launching its new Verification Handbook in January 2014.

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Media Guidelines for Bullying Prevention

Increased media attention to bullying has elevated this issue to the forefront of public opinion. Although little scholarly attention has been devoted to studying media coverage of bullying, qualitative research and expert opinion suggest that the intensity and possible inaccuracies in some of this coverage may be negatively affecting the public. These recommendations and resources offers help to journalists, bloggers, the entertainment creative community, and others who are developing content about bullying.

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Upcoming Events

EJN Network Meeting

London, UK

The EJN Network meeting will occur from December 3 – 4 in London. Contact EJN Director Aidan White for more details.

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IPI World Congress

The 2014 Congress – which will be held in April, just before the South African presidential election – will explore a number of key topics, including: the Chinese Government’s Role in the Developing World, a look at the ‘new’ South Africa and its media 20 years on, new technologies for distributing news in the developing world & their impact on press freedom and many other important and relevant topics….

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About the Ethical Journalism Network

The Ethical Journalism Network: Who We Are

A short presentation on the values and mission of the Ethical Journalism Network.

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