The EJN in Turkey and South East Europe

Turkey and South East Europe

Working with the regional and national partners the Ethical Journalism Network is planning to support efforts to create more transparent and credible forms of self-regulation – particularly by strengthening in-house systems and local press and media councils.

South East Europe

The work of EJN will involve participation in a regional media conference in Bucharest in October sponsored by UNESCO and the South East Europe Network for Professionalisation of Media (SEENPM).

This will lead to new initiatives in Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Serbia, Macedonia and Albania, a range of countries where journalists often work in difficult conditions for press and media freedom.

Problems of corruption, poor transparency and political interference compound problems caused by media regulatory structures that are often unfit for the purpose of monitoring and supporting media independence in a converged information environment.

The EJN will work with SEENPM in developing country projects for the creation of credible and efficient self-regulation across the region.


In Turkey, EJN is planning to support calls for improving standards of self-regulation with its partners The Association for Commercial Television and the International Press Institute.

During 2012 a mission to Turkey will be organised to meet with local partners in the broadcast and publishing sectors to prepare actions for the coming year.

Contact: Aidan White

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