Together, we must safeguard the future of ethical journalism

Building Quality and Trust in News

We work to build trust in news media through training, education and research because we believe that fact-based communications delivered by well-trained and ethical media professionals is essential to help people better understand the world around them.

Journalism everywhere is under attack. In the face of unscrupulous politics, the scourge of fake news and online hate, and the self-serving spin of public relations, we believe everyone who is committed to truth, honesty and decency in the news should stand up for ethics and for the future of journalism.

Why we need your support

Journalism makes a positive difference to people’s lives. It promotes understanding of complex events. It brings people together. It opens the door to dialogue and peace-building. Through quality journalism people get the facts and information they can trust.

Providing reliable and inclusive journalism has never been more difficult. Journalists, editors and media owners are learning the hard way that the information revolution, for all its liberating qualities, is a two-edged sword.

Abusive online communications, fabricated news, and new forms of propaganda, today reinforce problems of political bias, undue corporate influence and conflicts of interests that have always haunted newsrooms. It is an age when populism is on the march, and the public information sphere is fragmented, intolerant and polarised.

Ethical Journalism for Democracy

What has emerged could signal a full-blown crisis for pluralism and democracy.

We need more ethical journalism and independent, fact-based reporting to tell all sides of the story, and to show respect and humanity.

But it’s not enough to strengthen newsrooms. We also need transparency and good governance in the ownership and management of media and a meaningful commitment to self-regulation across all platforms of journalism.

Commitment to ethics in journalism is a golden asset and can make a world of difference to people’s lives, but that will not happen automatically. Your support will help build a bridge that links media and journalists fighting for standards around the world.

What you can do:

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