21st January 2019
By Tom Law

Sowt Podcast Series: Migrant Rights, Our Responsibility

Sowt Podcasting (Sowt)

Sowt Podcasting (Sowt) is a podcasting startup focusing on producing Arabic audio content for an on-demand and digital audience.
Supported by the Heinrich Böll Foundation, Sowt launched a podcast series “Migrant Rights, Our Responsibility” that tell stories that describe “the reality of hundreds of thousands of people who live with us and know a lot about us, but we know little about their experiences and daily battles.”

The first episode “Workers awaiting public amnesty”, which hears domestic workers who are in a shelter waiting to be returned to their employers’ rights to be able to return home was supported by the EJN/ILO fellowship.

Download and listen to the episode here.

The podcast will be released weekly for 6 weeks.

The series is available on iTunes and SoundCloud.

The first episide of Sowt’s podcast series on labour migration was supported by the Fairway Fellowship, an initiative of the Ethical Journalism Network and International Labour Organization to support quality reporting on labour migration in the Middle East.