1st April 2017
By Tom Law

Respect Words: Ethical Journalism Against Hate Speech

The EJN director Aidan White took part in a debate on hate speech in Dublin, Ireland on 11 April 2017 with Michael Foyle of the Nation Union of Journalists-Ireland and Peter Feeney, Ireland’s Press Ombudsman.

The event was part of the ‘Respect Words: Ethical Journalism Against Hate Speech‘ project which aims to combat hate speech, racist and xenophobic projections in the European media by improving the quality of content broadcast in Europe, including radio stations representing seven countries (Spain, Greece, Italy, Germany, Slovenia, Hungary and Ireland) and the International Press Institute of Vienna (Austria).

Background on Hate Speech

About the ‘Respect Words: Ethical Journalism Against Hate Speech’ project

• Revising existing Ethical Codes applicable to media reporting on migration processes and ethnic and religious minorities in Europe. To do so, we count on the input from a Local Expert Group and the conclusions of the media seminar.

• Developing an online interactive map of best practices about communication and integration of migrant populations and minorities. 10 good practices per country will be identified and will be published within the interactive map (including audio and some with video) (Summer 2017).

• Holding an international seminar in Brussels for the creation of the finalised Ethical code with all findings of the different countries that take part (Summer 2017).

• Broadcasting a radio campaign (20 programmes of 30 min) on the central themes of the project that include recommendations of the Ethical Code. This campaign will be broadcast in each of the 7 radio stations in Europe and will be disseminated by sister radio stations in each country (Winter 2017).