30th March 2015
By Stefanie Chernow

Reporting conflict in Ukraine: a practical guide for journalists

The current conflict in the east of Ukraine bears many similarities to events in other parts of the world and throughout history. The journalist’s challenge to distinguish fact from fiction and achieve balance in reporting is never easy.

A violent confrontation like the one in Donbass makes the job immeasurably harder. However, journalists face the huge but vital challenge of trying as best as they can to make sense of what is happening and giving a voice to those affected.

The downloadable guide aims to provide some pointers and practical advice on how to stay safe while getting closer to the heart of what is going on. It is not an exhaustive guide to reporting conflict but a short introduction to some of the challenges reporters face in a bitterly divided area.

Expect to meet some hostility, particularly from civilians caught in the middle of the conflict, and look out for obvious examples of bias, misinformation or blatant propaganda. Reporting on IDPs is a highly sensitive issue that demands great skill and compassion from journalists. How the issue is reported will undoubtedly affect public opinion about huge numbers of Ukrainians who are finding it impossible to return to their homes.

Go to the Thomson Foundation website to download the report.