Prime-time for Diversity – MDI Celebrates 15th Anniversary

Join the Media Diversity Institute 15th anniversary celebration on 23rd of January 2014 in London. Our event “Prime-time for Diversity” was an opportunity to discuss the media’s blind spot on race and immigration.

Gay, Roma, ‘Polish plumber’, Muslims. Who is next? It seems that media can’t operate without having a scapegoat to blame.

A discussion on why the media is manipulated and seduced by the politicians’ anti-diversity discourse was joined by Richard Sambrook, Director of the Centre for Journalism at Cardiff School of Journalism and former head of BBC Global News; Hugh Muir, the Guardian’s diary editor; Maria Lipman, the Chair of the Carnegie Moscow Center’s Society and Regions Program; John Owen, Professor at City University London and Chairman of the Frontline Club and Aidan White, Director of Ethical Journalism Network and Former Secretary General of the International Federation of Journalists.

More information can be found on the Media Diversity Institute website.