21st June 2018
By Tom Law

Poland: Hate speech, fake news and propaganda

Event Title: Hate speech, fake news and propaganda

Organiser: European Committee of the Regions

Date: 28 May 2018

Location: Szczecin, Poland

Website: https://cor.europa.eu/en/events/pages/hate-speech-seminar-szczecin-2018.aspx

EJN Participation: Danica Ilic on behalf of EJN participated at one of the panels organised by CIVEX , the European Committee of the Regions. The seminar “Hate speech, fake news and propaganda” was held for one day in Szczecin, Poland. Participants were mostly members of the EU Committee and Polish high school students who were invited for a workshop that run parallel with some panels. EJN presented the 5-point test for hate speech which was received and attracted a lot of attention and was widely shared on social media after the event.

Opening Session
  • Welcome statement by Olgierd Geblewicz (PL/EPP), President of West Pomerania Region, Poland
  • Opening speech by Adam Bodnar, Ombudsman
  • Natalia Szczucka, Director of the Regional Representation of the European Commission
First session: Populist Propaganda – the Erosion of Democracy
  • Anni Hellman, Deputy Head of Unit for Media Convergence and Social Media, Directorate-General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology, European Commission; Communication – Tackling online disinformation: the European approach
  • Indrė Vareikytė, EESC rapporteur on How media is used to influence social and political processes in the EU and Eastern neighbouring countries
  • Kamil Durczok, Journalist, editor-in-chief and former presenter of TVN newscast Fakty TVN
Second session: Social and Political Consequences of Fake News Proliferation
  • Danica Ilic, Programme Officer at the Ethical Journalism Network
  • Konrad Niklewicz, Managing Director- Civic Institute, Weeding out Fake News: An Approach to Social Media Regulation
  • Jon Worth, TechPolitics & EU blogger
  • Ruurd Oosterwoud, developer of serious game “Bad News” and founder of “DROG” Platform to combat fake news and disinformation