Online journalism for green activists and environmental reporters

Tom Law, Director of Campaigns and Communications for the Ethical Journalism Network, delivered a workshop on online journalism for partners of the Green European Foundation in Brussels on 11 November. The eight participants were representatives of a variety of publications ranging from online platforms to printed magazines and think tanks.

The session considered how the principles of ethical journalism can be a starting point to consider how publications can stand out and communicate as trust-worthy publishers of analysis and reporting, despite being outside the mainstream media and not being professional journalists.


Spreading the Word: Outreach & Dissemination

No publication today can afford to neglect online promotion as a key part of a communication strategy, yet this can be a daunting task given the fierce competition for readers’ attention, which makes it easy to get drowned out. This practical workshop will explore the range of opportunities that exist for publications to build up their online presence, consolidate their existing readership and reach new audiences, even with very limited means. We’ll review some of the main channels and tools available, and provide you with some tips & tricks to use these as efficiently as possible, as well as some of the perils and pitfalls to avoid. In this interactive session you’ll also be invited to share your experiences with online promotion for your publication.