A guide to promoting robust and civil online conversation

“Online comment moderation: emerging best practices” – researched and produced by the World Editors Forum with support from the Open Society Foundations – is a guide to promoting robust and civil online conversation. Encouraging readers to post online comments allows news media to connect with audiences, but the comments are too often uncivil, hateful, obscene or downright insulting. Moderating online conversations is an enormous task for news media. A new guide can help.

The report is based on a survey of 104 news organisations from 63 countries, plus a selection of experts from corporate and academic worlds. It examines key trends, opportunities and best practices.

In many parts of the globe, online comments have become an essential ingredient of a thriving news publication:
readers feel that they have a right to make their contribution in an online environment that is becoming increasingly more dialogue-based than one-way broadcasting. The ability to comment on news articles or in discussion forums offers readers the chance to indulge in debate on hot topics hosted by their favourite news organisations with other readers from all over the world.

To download the free guide, click here. You’ll be asked to enter your personal information before receiving the report.