Migration: Information and Awareness Campaigns

National Contact Points on Migrant Smuggling


28 March 2017

The European Commission/Directorate General for Migration and Home Affairs is organising an expert meeting on information campaigns targeted at third countries and prospective migrants and aimed at preventing irregular migration and informing better about alternative, legal migration options.

The EJN has been asked to present the findings of ‘How do media on both sides of the Mediterranean report on Migration’, a study conducted for the International Centre for Migration Policy Research (ICMPD), the EJN was asked to present the findings  the seminar.

The seminar will touch upon the transcultural side of campaigning in third countries, where tone and language are important and reflect on the role of media.

The EJN will be represented by our Brussels-based representative Jean-Paul Marthoz, a distinguished academic and journalist (former deputy editor of Le Soir and now professor of journalism at Louvain university).Jean-Paul has also written a book on media and migration and was the author the section on France in the ICMPD study prepared by the EJN.


How do media on both sides of the Mediterranean report on migration?