Media literacy in human rights and citizenship education

Two Day Training on Media Literacy in human rights and citizenship education

Dates: 13-14 December

Location: Trento, Italy at the International Cooperation Centre

Participants: 15 members of staff of the ICC (International Cooperation Centre) and other selected
people will be invited to the training, such as: fact checkers; members of the local section of Amnesty
International; members of a local initiative that monitors hate speech; representatives of DARE
(Democracy and Human Rights Education in Europe) network.

Day 1 – Training of Trainers – Media Literacy in Human rights and citizenship education

A one-day training by the Ethical Journalism Network’ Tom Law

Plenary – Lesson by EJN on theoretical and methodological aspects on media literacy (4 hours)

The training will be an opportunity to learn more about the work of EJN. Providing a theoretical overview,
EJN’s trainers will illustrate what other organizations in Europe and across Europe are doing regarding
Media/Information Literacy (MIL). An example is provided by the cooperation of EJN with the University
of Vienna. Drawing on its previous experiences in Asia, the Middle East, the Balkans and Turkey EJN is
going to provide practical examples of MIL. The practical activities will be at the core of the training. EJN
trainers will also identify methods to introduce these skills to the participants.

  • Group Work (2 groups) – Exchange of experiences and significant practices of the participants (1
    hour and half)
  • 2/3 issues to discuss (goals, results, impact, weaknesses, strength, obstacles – e.g. different targets:
    journalists, teachers, CSOs).
  • 1 group led by EJN (focus on e.g. media literacy for journalists and for adults learners)
  • 1 group led by DARE (focus on e.g. citizenship education in formal and not formal training education
  • ICC staff will collaborate for the facilitation of both groups.

The final goal of the training (day 1) is to give tools to the trainees to become trainers.

Plenary – groups presentations and discussion; and conclusion by EJN (2 hours and half)

Day 2 – Project incubator – participation of representatives of EJN, DARE Network, CCI (CGS and OBCT)

  • Workshop to explore and start the collaboration for future projects.
  • The final goal of the group working (day 2) is -to develop few ideas of possible proposals to approach