18th November 2016
By Tom Law

Launch of new code of conduct for online content in Greek media

On 29 November the Ethical Journalism Network’s Director of Campaigns and Communications, Tom Law, gave the keynote speech at event marking the adoption of a new code of conduct for online content in Greek media. You can watch the speech here or from the 22 minute-maek in the video below.  

EJN Communications Director, Tom Law, addressing the launch of the Greek online code of ethics. (ENEA) Greek Online Code of Conduct in Publishing Invitation

Greek Online Code of Conduct in Publishing Invitation


In this spirit, a framework of rules ensuring virtuous competition is of high value. The Principles and Values of journalism add to the quality characteristics necessary for the society, to show its trust, for the State, to recognize the ethical advantage of New Media, as well as for the market, to include quality specifications in its rules. The main aim of the present Self-Commitment Framework and the Code of Conduct in Publishing is the comprehension of the Journalism Code of Ethics, the best practices and Publishing Rules followed by the largest online Media in the world.

Shareholders and those involved in publishing organizations, along with journalists, share the common interest of integrity and credibility of their Media. It is common knowledge that owners, publishers and journalists have conscience of the responsibility they bear towards the public and their obligation to safeguard the validity of the Press. They comprehend their mission as journalists, are fully aware and conscious of it, and remain unaffected by personal interests and motives unrelated to this purpose. The fundamental principles of journalism reflect the professional ethics of the Press. This includes the duty of preserving the validity of the Press and defending the freedom of the Press in the framework of the Constitution and the compliant laws.

Speakers at the event included:

  • Dimitris Maris President, Greek Online Publishers Association
  • Lefteris Kretsos Secretary General of Communication and Media
  • Tom Law Director of Campaigns and Communications Ethical Journalism Network
  • Yiannis Giokas Vice President Research & Development PCCW Global Hong Kong Telecom
  • Vasilis Vasilopoulos Web Content Manager ERT New Media
  • Moderator: Υiannis Thomatos Research Associate, Department of Media and Communications, University of Athens