1st April 2017
By Tom Law

Supporting Journalism Ethics in Ukraine

Since 2016 the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) has been supporting Ukraine’s self-regulatory body – the Commission on Journalism Ethics (CJE). Last year the OSCE office in Kiev supported congress to reelect the Commission, which includes now reputable journalists, leaders of prominent media development NGOs and human rights defenders.

As the next step the OSCE planned to help the Commission to produce a development plan, a strategic roadmap that would help them to strengthen their capacity as a self-regulator, and to grow and develop as an organisation that efficiently promotes the values and ethics of journalism and unites the journalism and wider media community.

The EJN’s director Aidan White was invited to take part in this process and by taking part in consultations with commission members between 14-16 June 2017. 

The visit also included delivering a lecture at one of the key universities and giving interviews to OSCE media partners.