26th January 2017
By Tom Law

The role of journalism for democracy in South East Europe

Academics, students and media development professionals from 15 countries met in Sofia, Bulgaria on 28 March 2017 to exchange views on reforming journalism education and training in South East Europe.

The conference was organised by Konrad Adenauer Stiftung as a follow-up to a survey published last year of journalism students in Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania and Serbia.

This study – Requirements for Modern Journalism Education – served as the basis for the conference and for a public debate with policy makers, employers and other experts about possible reforms.

The EJN’s Tom Law took part in a panel discussion on the role of journalists for democracy, pressing the need for ethics to remain an essential part of any curricula while at the same time evolving to embrace the opportunities afforded journalists in the digital age.

You can find a summary of the event below or by visiting the KAS website.

Main image: Experts debate on journalism education in South East Europe. (Photo: KAS Media SEE)