IPI World Congress: Celebrating Freedom: Two Decades of Evolving Media

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This year, the International Press Institute (IPI) celebrates the 20th anniversary of its last Congress in Cape Town, on the eve of the historic all-race elections. They are gathering the stalwarts of press freedom from around the world to not only celebrate historical transformations (both in media industry and South Africa), but also to face the future, make the predictions and focus attention on new challenges and solutions for the media profession today.

EJN Director Aidan White will be speaking on a panel entitled “Media and the Unending Question of Ethics: A Look Towards Solutions” on Saturday, April 13th at 14:30. This is about journalists and whole media entities taking political sides, being biased or unfair and sometimes themselves being directly involved in political, social and/or religious conflicts. It’s about a growing trend towards turning away from media ethics in pursuit of a scoop. How should journalists behave in revolutionary times? In times of mass protests? How do you avoid being used and how do you withstand the pressure of authorities? The questions are many. And 20 years after the Rwanda genocide fuelled by unethical media reporting, many journalists in turbulent parts of the world continue to face ethical issues – from Cairo to Venezuela to Russia and Ukraine. This panel will address the issue of ethics, while also addressing the impact online media has had on journalism’s code, with an eye toward concrete solutions to getting media back on the right track.

See the evolving Congress programme here.

The IPI will also have some of the most important and influential media professionals to help us explore a number of hot topics, including:

  • The New South Africa: A Look at the Media Landscape and Press Freedom 20 Years On
  • The Whistleblower and the Journalist – How Current Events Affect Press Freedom and the People’s Right to Know
  • Power Stakes – The Role of China in the Developing World
  • Photojournalism and Media Access
  • When the War on Terror Puts Journalists Behind Bars
  • Criminal Defamation and Insult Laws – Why Leaders Won’t Budge

The IPI has many issues to discuss and many reasons to celebrate, and we have a lot to offer in Cape Town:

  • 11 panel sessions
  • Launch of the commemorative book with testimonies written and presented by IPI’s living African Press Freedom Heroes
  • Presentation of the IPI Free Media Pioneer Award and the IPI World Press Freedom Hero Award
  • One-day Workshop: “Advanced Research on the Web” (in collaboration with Media24, Intajour and the Ford Foundation)
  • International Press Freedom Cartoon Exhibition
  • Interesting evening programmes and cultural events, including a special tribute to Nelson Mandela.

The IPI will celebrate freedom using different media and different forms of expression: from dialogue and discussion, cartoons, photography and graffiti, to music and dance. Come prepared to explore, to meet new friends, to learn and to get motivated! Cape Town awaits you.

Congress registration fee

  • Members: $ 1069
  • Non-Members: $ 1311
  • Accompanying Persons: $ 552

This is a conference that you don’t want to miss register here.


If you have a question, a comment or a suggestion – please contact the IPI team. You can also contact them through social media or IPI’s websites:Twitter, Facebook, www.ipiworldcongress.com, www.freemedia.at

Hotel: The Westin, Cape Town – our home during the Congress

To make your stay in Cape Town affordable and hassle-free, the IPI has negotiated special hotel rates for our Congress participants at the Hotel Westin Cape Town, starting at R 2190 per night (around $200 or €150). Book your room.

More information is available on the IPI website.