14th August 2018
By Tom Law

Hate Speech and Coverage of Terrorism and Violence in Caribbean Media

Workshop: An Action Plan to Address Hate Speech and Improve Coverage of Terrorism and Violence for Caribbean Media

Organiser: Public Media Alliance

Location: Kingston, Jamaica

Date: 10-12 August 2018

Website: https://www.publicmediaalliance.org/

Zahera Harb, a board member of the Ethical Journalism Network and Senior Lecturer in International Journalism at City University of London, collaborated with the Public Media Alliance and UNESCO to create a 10-point action plan to address hate speech and improve coverage of terrorism and violence for Caribbean media.

Harb opened the workshop by discussing the concept of “due impartiality” in media reporting and the ethical codes do not apply universally but accuracy, independence, impartiality, humanity and accountability are universal values.

Watch the EJN President, Aidan White, talk about the 5 core values of journalism in this video.

Harb also talk about how can journalists determine what is hate speech and how they should deal with it in their reporting using the EJN’s 5-point test for hate speech.

Anika Kentish a freelance Antiguan journalist told the workshop when speaking about the problem of hate speech and media coverage of violence and the importance of verification: “In our quest to get the story and be the first to tell that story, there can be carelessness and with carelessness there can be serious consequences.”

Twitter Highlights from the Hate Speech Workshop