The Global Forum for Media Development has a member’s Code of Practice which takes inspiration from the Code of Ethics adopted by the World Association of Non-Governmental Organisations.

It sets out standards of transparency and defines principles to avoid conflicts of interests, to organise internal governance and to ensure independence of media development organisations. The code sets out guiding principles for media development work, including promotion of freedom of expression and respect for human rights as defined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. A key component of the code is the principle of good relationships and partnerships with sister organisations operating in the media sector. “A main goal of the GFMD is to create greater coherence in the media development sector”, said Bettina Peters. “The code will help us promote even better cooperation and partnerships among GFMD members. “ GFMD members subscribe to the code and organisations wanting to join the GFMD have to declare adherence to the code of practice.

You can find the code here.