As part of our Ethics in the News series of events in partnership with the Frontline Club, the EJN screened Another News Story followed by a Q&A with director / producer Orban Wallace, producer Verity Wislocki, and forced migration researcher Ahmad al-Rashid on Wednesday 4th April 2018.



The Q&A was moderated by the Chair of the Ethical Journalism Network by Dorothy Byrne, who is the Head of News and Current Affairs at Channel 4 and featured director / producer Orban Wallace, producer Verity Wislocki, forced migration researcher Ahmad al-Rashid.

The film opens in 2015 Greece as refugees arrive on the idyllic island of Lesbos and follows refugees into Hungary and Croatia and across Europe to a hoped-for sanctuary. Since 2015 the current refugee crisis has flooded every news and media outlet across the globe.

Another News Story takes a unique approach to capturing this narrative. While still giving a ground-floor perspective of migrants fleeing Syria and Turkey and their struggle to find a country where they are welcome, director Orban Wallace simultaneously turns the camera on the journalists and the role they play in representing the crisis to the world.

Wallace’s gripping debut feature raises important questions about what happens behind the camera, and how the life cycle of a news story starts and grows.




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