Ethics 101: EJN launches video training series

"Look deep into my lens..." by jaqian is licensed under CC

“Look deep into my lens…” by jaqian is licensed under CC

At the Ethical Journalism Network we know that in the information age it can be easy for journalists to become transfixed by the bells and whistles and glitter of technology. We worry, with others, at the ethical risks reporters take when they are drawn into the social media whirl of rumor, speculation and a rush to publish without verification or fact-checking.

That’s why the EJN believes journalism at its core is about disseminating accurate, fact-based information in the public interest. Without an ethical base news-making can become merely infotainment or propaganda.

Today the EJN releases a series of educational videos on four topics: What is Journalism, The Difference Between Journalism and Free Speech, The Core Values of Journalism, and the EJN 5 Point Test for Hate Speech. These back-to-the-basic videos serve as a reminder of what all journalists should keep in mind on a daily basis while performing their jobs.

The videos feature Aidan White, Director of the Ethical Journalism Network. For more than 30 years he has traveled the world, representing journalists and speaking at hundreds of conferences and professional events on journalism values. Today, the EJN is making the key concepts available on YouTube and our website in these short 2 – 3 minute videos.

What is journalism and who is a journalist?

The difference between free expression and journalism

The five core values of journalism

Five point test for hate speech

Please subscribe to our YouTube channel for more discussions on ethical journalism. We will be posting a series of debates on Self-regulation on February 24th to coincide with the launch of our report The Trust Factor: An EJN review of journalism and self-regulation along with publishing videos in March on corruption in journalism to compliment the launch of the EJN report The Inside Story: Corruption and conflicts of interest stalk the newsroom.

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