1st September 2015
By Stefanie Chernow

Ethical Journalism Newsletter: September 1, 2015


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Ethical News And Debates

Covering Migration: Why ‘Refugees and Migrants’ are People Who Go Together

With almost 60 million people on the move around the world it’s not surprising that the migration story dominates the global news agenda. It’s an issue which brings out the worst in some politicians and divides communities like no other which is why journalists need to be careful and sensitive in their reporting.

But sometimes the words we use get in the way of the story and Barry Malone an editor from Aljazeera has sparked an intense debate over media coverage by arguing that we should ditch the term “migrant.” He argues this catch-all term has become a blunt perjorative that “has evolved from its dictionary definitions into a tool that dehumanises and distances.”

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An ethical reality check for virtual reality journalism

The power of virtual reality journalism transforms the news viewer’s experience from just learning about events to being in them. But before the technology gallops any further, it’s time for an ethical reality check. How real is virtual reality intended to be? Where’s the line between actual event and the producer’s artistic license? Is VR journalism supposed to be the event itself, an artist’s conception of the event or something akin to a historical novel, “based on a true story”?

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Director’s Letter: August 2015

Media have been busy this month – global stock markets in turmoil, journalists killed in another horrifying gun crime in the United States, and yet more stories of death and tragedy as the global migration crisis continues to dominate headlines across the world. Here is what the EJN is doing to ensure media ethics stay front and center in the journalism industry.

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Were the media wrong to publish Virginia shootings video and images?

It’s all about taste – why news editors took different decisions on what photographs, and footage, to publish of the murderous attack. (Read more on The Guardian)

‘Sexist’ Tweet About Amal Clooney Prompts Outrage Online

AP slammed for referring to the human rights lawyer as “actor’s wife.” (Read more on The Huffington Post)


Video: Is slow journalism a possible remedy for hate speech?

With the rush to publish and technology that allows for information to be shared instantaneously, is it even possible for journalists to have time to reflect on their reporting? Members from the EJN Board speak on how to avoid propagating hate speech. Watch the EJN video here.

Video: Corruption and Conflicts of Interest

Everywhere we look, we see “dark arts” at work in journalism. Whether it appears as paid-for journalism running as hard news or reporters accepting bribes, these dodgy practices harm media credibility. And who will read – or buy – the news when there is a lack of trust? EJN Board members discuss the pitfalls when conflicts of interest tarnishs good journalism practices. Watch the EJN video here.

Also read the full EJN report “Untold Stories: How Corruptions and Conflicts of Interest Stalk the Newsroom”.