Ethical Journalism Newsletter: October 20, 2015


Ethical News And Debates

Amazon’s Jay Carney Criticizes Times Coverage, NYT Responds

The New York Times is standing by its August coverage of Amazon and its “bruising workplace” after Amazon spokesperson Jay Carney slammed the newspaper in a post on Medium. Carney, Senior Vice President for Global Corporate Affairs at Amazon, criticized the Times arguing the paper violated journalism ethics for not giving the right to reply. (Read more on iMediaEthics)

Was Times Too Soft on Scientist Found Guilty of Sexual Harassment?

An article in Sunday’s Times has angered and disappointed a large number of academics and scientists, especially women, some of whom are calling for its retraction and stating that it adds to the problems women face in a still male-dominated field. (Read more on the New York Times)

If You’re Worried About The Future Of FOI, Here’s What You Can Do About It

There is an opportunity to have an input into the commission, through its call for evidence. This not only allows you to send your opinions on improving FOI to the commission via email, but also has an online form you can fill in. (Read more on the Online Journalism Blog)

CPJ Joins Council of Europe Journalism Safety Platform

The Committee to Protect Journalists has joined the Council of Europe’s platform to protect journalism and promote the safety of journalists. The Strasbourg-based body set up the reporting system earlier this year as a way to hold its 47 member states responsible for responding to attacks against journalists. (Read more on The Committee to Protect Journalists)

What Two Reporters Learned On The ‘Refugee Trail’ To Europe

Reflections on a seven-nation journey: “When everything else is stripped away, all that’s left and all that matters … is love.” (Read more on the Huffington Post)


19 Million Project: Exploring European Refugee Crisis

2 – 13 November 2015: In partnership with the Global Editors Network (GEN), FUSION and Univision News have joined forces with the nonprofit digital journalism group Chicas Poderosas and the Italian Coalition for Civil Liberties (CILD) to launch The 19 Million Project. The 19 Million Project will bring together journalists, developers, designers, academics, government and business leaders and human rights organisations from the United States, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa to explore how Europe’s pressing refugee crisis came to be, and what can be done to best address it.

The 19 Million Project will kick off on 2 November in Rome, Italy with a summit that includes a design sprint and journalism workshop organised by Chicas Poderosas Mediterraneo and hosted jointly with CILD. A group of over 50 digital media professionals as well as representatives from human rights organisations will convene to discuss how the narrative of the migrant crisis has been told so far, what stories and voices are missing, and how the latest technology and innovative storytelling methods can better shape the narrative and drive global action toward addressing this tragedy. Culminating activities to take place on 13 November 2015 at the La Coalizione Italiana Liberta e Diritti Civili Human Rights Awards ceremony.

See the GEN website for more details.