Ethical Journalism Newsletter: November 10, 2015


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Director’s Letter: October 2015

The EJN has appointed Tom Law as our new EJN Communications Officer. Tom will join us on December 1st.

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What is Holocaust commemoration for? – Remembering Reichskristallnacht

We commemorate the past to understand the present. In learning about Europe’s imperial histories, for example, we explain problems faced by former colonies abroad and by minority communities at home.

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Images of drowned boy made only a fleeting change to refugee reporting

Study of newspapers across Europe reveals that initial press sympathy after Alan Kurdi’s death rapidly reverted to type within a week. (Read more on the Guardian)

My opinion doesn’t justify your rape threats

Because these aren’t just names on a screen. These are people we share the earth with, who hate us, immediately, for daring to have an opinion on how we are treated. Whose default response to a woman saying she doesn’t want to be told what to do by a drunk ass stranger is swift and violent and meant to get me to shut the hell up. (Read more on the Huffington Post)

5 things to keep in mind when fact-checking claims about science

If it seems to you that science-based claims do not need solid fact-checking, you would be wrong. Just look at the misinformation that spread around the world last week about the perils of eating red meat. (Read more on Poynter)

How NPR balanced privacy, open access in publishing names of 4,000 mustard gas victims

Through a new online database compiled by National Public Radio, they learned that a member of their family who served in World War II had been exposed to mustard gas by the US government and then sworn to secrecy. (Read more on CJR)