Ethical Journalism Newsletter: June 9, 2015


Ethical Journalism News And Debates

Journalism sources in the digital era

Many contentious issues of the digital world — such as net neutrality and privacy — are yet to be resolved. There is a possibility that protecting journalists’ sources may join the list. (Read more on The Hindu)

Media & society giving ‘long shots’ in elections a fair shot

Even mildly experienced political journalists and their editors understand that polls at this stage capture little more than name recognition. So why are some being marginalized by pundits? (Read more on NPR)

Can we slow online harassment without curbing free speech?

The rise of the Internet has given more people the ability to express and share their thoughts. Unfortunately, that access means bad actors and trolls can also use the platforms to threaten or harass others. (Read more on MediaShift)

New whistleblowing platform helps investigative journalists in Africa

Top editors and investigative journalists in South Africa have welcomed a new whistleblowing platform designed to protect sources who leak sensitive information to the media.The platform, afriLEAKS, is being introduced to African media following a pilot phase during which it was tested by select newsrooms. (Read more on IJNET)

Right of reply and accuracy scenario

When should journalists offer a right of reply? All the time, sometimes, never? And what if that reply could water down the impact of our exciting headline? Try this scenario and see what you would do. (Read more on Media Helping)

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