Ethical Journalism Newsletter: January 23, 2015


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After The Paris Attacks We’re In Danger Of Abandoning The Right To Offend

Natalie Nougayrède, a French journalist, responds to the misunderstandings, fears, politics, and the principles that can and should be upheld in liberal democracies in the aftermath of Charlie Hebdo. (via The Guardian)

Caribbean Perspectives on the Charlie Hebdo Free Speech vs. Intolerance Debate

The murder of 12 people, including police officers and journalists, earlier this month at the Paris offices of the irreverent satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo is still resonating across the world. Two Caribbean bloggers, one from Jamaica and the other based in Bermuda, have shared their perspectives on the tragedy and religious extremism in general. (via Global Voices)

Facebook is Purging Fake News Stories

Social networking giant Facebook announced that it’s taking steps to stamp out malicious fake news stories while leaving satire unaffected. (via Poynter)

Sun’s Apparent End To Topless Page Three Pictures Is ‘Overdue’

Page Three has been a Sun feature for 44 years but has been criticised for being sexist and outdated. (via The BBC)

Resources For Digging Deeper And Asking Better Questions On Ebola

A list of reliable websites and resources that will help journalists dig deeper, ask better questions and report cautiously but precisely. (via Poynter)