Ethical Journalism Newsletter: February 18, 2014


Ethical Journalism News

Director’s Letter: February 2014

This month EJN work has been focused on Africa – meeting editors and journalists in Egypt to discuss self-censorship; helping Tunisian media leaders to prepare the launch of the country’s first press council; and working with regional partners to launch an Africa-wide media campaign on hate speech.

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Would-Be Repressors Brandish ‘Ethics’ as Justification

In authoritarian countries, calls for journalists to exercise a sense of responsibility or decency are mostly code for censorship. (Committee to Protect Journalists)

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Daily Mail tops the league of press regulation code breaches

The Press Complaints Commission has published the statistical breakdown that was requested when its chairman, Lord Hunt, appeared before the commons media and culture select committee two weeks ago. The table shows all recorded breaches of the editors’ code of practice for complaints concluded between 2011 and 2013. (The Guardian)

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The ‘don’ts’ of interviewing trans people

We deserve to have stories about our lives and accomplishments told in ways that don’t reduce us to our genitals. (Columbia Journalism Review)

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[VIDEO] David Puttnam: Does the media have a “duty of care”?

In this thoughtful talk, David Puttnam asks a big question about the media: Does it have a moral imperative to create informed citizens, to support democracy? His solution for ensuring media responsibility is bold, and you might not agree. (TED)

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