22nd December 2014
By Stefanie Chernow

Ethical Journalism Newsletter: December 23, 2014

Ethical Journalism News

This Christmas, Encrypt Your Emails And Make The Haystack Bigger

The more people who use encryption in their email, or other security measures, the less unusual it becomes. And the more widespread these practices are, the harder it is for the contents of messages to be used to identify whistleblowers. (via The Online Journalism Blog)

What Distinguishes History From Bigotry

The disturbing phenomenon is growing in its reach where the notion of national pride is used to obfuscate facts and peddle an artificial construct as organic history that fails to meet rigorous scrutiny. History should be based on credible sources, the selection of particular details from authentic materials in those sources, and the synthesis of those details into a narrative that stands the test of critical examination. (via The Hindu)

Top 10 Hoaxes And Fake Stories Of 2014

The top ten stories iMediaEthics covered of news outlets being duped by fake or satire stories. (via iMediaEthics)

The Readers’ Editor On: Why I Can Urge And Recommend – But Can’t Really Play The Enforcer

The Guardian’s usage of anonymous sources and the term ‘illegal immigrant’ are just two of the issues the readers’ editor tried to address this year. (via The Guardian)


EJN Annual Report 2014: Building Trust and Taking the Hate Out of Journalism

This report on the 2014 programme of the Ethical Journalism Network covers a further period of intense activity. We have improved our communications and continued to expand. At the same time we have consolidated the presence of the Network in media development efforts to strengthen journalism worldwide.

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EJN 2015 Programme

The EJN programme for the coming year will continue to develop our main objectives which are strengthen the craft of journalism and to build public trust in media. In 2015 the EJN will follow up work on hate speech, self-regulation and actions to combat internal and external threats to good media governance.

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The EJN newsletter is taking a short break for the holidays. See you in 2015!