14th January 2014
By Stefanie Chernow

Journalism Ethics Today: Why Media Needs to Get Back to the Basics


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Ethical Journalism News For Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Journalism is Not Free Expression: Why Media Needs to Get Back to the Basics

The Ethical Journalism Network has just put the finishing touches to its programme for 2014 – the first phase of a three-year strategy to open up a new debate within media and journalism about the future which will be led by journalists themselves. At its heart is an essential objective – to strengthen the craft of journalism and to build public trust in media.

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Protecting a Source, James Risen Takes His Case to the Supreme Court

The Times reporter James Risen took his case to the Supreme Court on Monday, asking that his effort to protect his confidential source be protected. The full brief is available to the public. (The New York Times)

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Ancil Payne Awards for Ethics in Journalism are now open for entries

The 2014 Ancil Payne Awards for Ethics in Journalism are now open for entries, with the closing date set at Monday, March 3, 2014. The School of Journalism and Communication at the University of Oregon is seeking nominations honoring performance by U.S. journalists that inspires public trust in the media by virtue of courageous reporting or decisions that are often invisible to readers, listeners or viewers. (University of Oregon)

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The Controversial Death of a Teenage Stringer

On Dec. 20, 2013, Molhem Barakat took his last picture of the Syrian war. He had been photographing a battle for control of Aleppo’s al-Kindi Hospital when he was killed along with his older brother Mustafa, a fighter in a local rebel brigade. Barakat was just 18 when he died, but his images — transmitted through the Reuters photo service — gave people across the globe a glimpse into his world, and his country’s war. But while his precocious work appeared everywhere from the New York Times to Foreign Policy, his online presence served as a reminder that he was still a teenager. (Foreign Policy)

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‘Just Bloody Pictures’: Crime Reporting in Honduras

When reading most Honduran newspapers, readers go away with little understanding of what is occurring in the country. Most crime stories are written without context or explanation and are accompanied by bloody, gory pictures. Local media write these crime stories purposely, as a safety mechanism because of entrenched fear and trepidation among local reporters and editors, according to interviews with reporters and editors and a review of various newspapers in Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula by Fundacion MEPI, a regional investigative journalism project based in Mexico City. (Global Voices)

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Code Of Ethics For Bloggers, Social Media and Content Creators

As an Online Content Creator – whether it be as a blogger, a video blogger, a podcaster, a microblogger or a general social media participant – you are an important part of the wider public knowledge creation and discussion. This role carries with it a responsibility to be fair, honest and respectful not only toward your fellow members of society but also toward fact. The content you create today will more than likely outlast both the content’s relevance and your own lifetime and it is of vital importance that it be a truthful representation of the topic at hand not only for those who access it today but for those who access it in the distant future. Above all else your job as a Content Creator is to present fact as fact and opinion as opinion. The Blogger and Content Creator’s Code of Ethics is closely based on the Code of Ethics for the Norwegian Press published by the Norwegian Press Association and adhered to by all members of the Norwegian press. (Mor10)

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9 ways to grow your Twitter following (ethically)

To ethically build a meaningful cadre of followers on Twitter, you’ll have to do more than create a few lines of code or click the ‘Follow’ button a couple thousand times. To build an audience and a presence, your Twitter strategy should focus on three broad categories: Content, Engagement, and Rewards. (The Next Web)

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New Code of Ethics in Belgium

The Belgian Council of Journalistic Ethics has introduced a new general code of journalism ethics updating the existing code that was adopted in 1971. The code can be found in French at this link.

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Prime-time for Diversity – MDI Celebrates 15th Anniversary

London, UK

Join the Media Diversity Institute 15 th anniversary celebration on 23 rd of January 2014 in London. The event “Prime-time for Diversity” will be an opportunity to discuss the media’s blind spot on race and immigration.

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EJN Members Meeting

Brussels, Belgium

More information coming soon. If you’d like to attend the EJN members meeting, please contact Stefanie Chernow at [email protected]

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Asia Media Summit

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

The 11th Asia Media Summit 2014 is organised by the Asia-Pacific Institute for Broadcasting Development (AIBD) and hosted by the Ministry of Culture and Information and the General Commission for Audiovisual Media. EJN Director Aidan White will be speaking at the event on May 6th.

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IPI World Congress

The 2014 Congress – which will be held in April, just before the South African presidential election – will explore a number of key topics, including: the Chinese Government’s Role in the Developing World, a look at the ‘new’ South Africa and its media 20 years on, new technologies for distribu

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