2nd February 2021
By Wendy Collinson

EJN Panel Video: Giving it our best shot: what journalists can do to tackle Coronavirus misinformation?

As vaccines effective against the novel Coronavirus begin their global rollout, tackling misinformation, disinformation and earning public confidence could not be more starkly an issue of life and death.

This YouTube video is a recording of the Ethical Journalism Network’s panel on Wednesday January 27, during which experts considered the role of journalists in tackling disinformation, the communicating of public health messages, and online fact-checking during this key phase of response to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Chaired by EJN trustee and Bureau of Investigative Journalism global editor James Ball, the panelists explored what journalists should do to tackle Coronavirus misinformation, where such myths are coming from, and how reporters can avoid inadvertently becoming vectors for health misinformation. With panellists Professor Sir David Spiegelhalter, Marianna Spring, Nina Jankowicz, Anjana Ahuja and Kate Wilkinson.