11th November 2016
By Tom Law

Civil Society Media seminar – “Communicating Migration”

EESC Communicating Migration

EESC Communicating Migration

The European Economic and Social Committee held its 10th Civil Society Media seminar on “Communicating Migration”, focusing on the communication aspects in the context of migration, refugees and integration from 24-25 November in Vienna.

The event debated how communication tools and the media have been instrumental in telling the story of migration into and across Europe.

Sören Bauer, Senior Communication and Knowledge Officer for Euromed Migration IV at the International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD) introduced the collaborative forthcoming study with Ethical Journalism Network on how media on both sides of the Mediterranean report on migration. The event will also introduced the first-ever “Migration Media Award” which ICMPD plans to launch on 25 January in Brussels.

Sören presented the key questions the upcoming study will address, looking at some of the preliminary findings regarding journalists’ role in conveying to their audiences what policy-makers say about migration and the challenges of analytical work on migration reporting.

The EJN’s migration reporting guidelines were also presented to the meeting.

5 point reporting guide for migration

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