Interviews for this report were carried out in Istanbul by the delegation members, Aidan White, Director of the Ethical Journalism Network, and Hosam El Nagar, head of operations at the Thomson Foundation, an EJN member.

Those interviewed, and to whom the delegation expresses appreciation, were:

Esra Arsan, Professor, Bilgi University

Mehmet Ozel, Journalist, TV Hyat

Mustafa Karam, Director, TV Hyat

Deniz Ergurel, General Secretary, Media Association

Muge Sokmen, Proprietor, Metis Publishing

Nuri Çolakolu, President, Doan Media Group

Ercan Ipekci, General Secretary, Turkish Journalists Union

Yavuz Baydar, Journalist, P24

Andrew Finkel, Journalist, P24

Erol Onderolu, Director, Bianet News Agency

Ceren Sözeri, Professor, Galatasaray University

Fatih Gökhan Diler,  Journalist, Agos

Zeynep Arslan Researcher, Hrant Dink Foundation

This report has drawn freely from many acts of journalism arising from the Gezi events but we are particularly grateful for the reporting provided by Beatrice White, a journalist with the Hürriyet Daily News, who accompanied the delegation during the visit.

The report has been edited by Selin Bucak, a London-based Turkish journalist who has written extensively on the history of media and journalism in Turkey.

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