Migration Media Award ceremony & Conference ‘Changing media narratives of migration’

Migration Media Award ceremony &

Conference ‘Changing media narratives of migration’

14 – 15 June 2017, Malta

The Migration Media Award highlights and showcases the best reports from the South and North of the Mediterranean with a view to recognise excellence, relevance, and newsworthiness of journalism pieces dealing with migration in all its aspects in the Euro-Mediterranean region.

The objective is to foster coverage and reward outstanding pieces of journalistic work on migration issues – recognising the role media play in influencing the current narrative on migration. The awards consist of co-funding a new production for journalists selected for an already published piece and a proposal for a second story on migration. Ten judges – well known journalists and OPEN Media Hub members – are evaluating the 121 entries and up to 16 winners will come to Malta on 14 June 2017 to receive their award. The award consists in financing the production of a story in TV, radio, online or print, in Arabic, French or English.

The ceremony will take place in the evening of 14 June 2017 in the Barracka Gardens in La Valetta, Malta under the auspices of the partners of the Migration Media Award, namely the Maltese Foreign Affairs Ministry, the European Asylum Support Office, and the EU funded projects Euro Mediterranean Migration IV and OPEN Media Hub.

The next day on 15 June 2017, at a networking event, up to 30 journalists from the South will have the opportunity to network and exchange good practices with one another and with experts and judges from the Migration Media Award. They will be given the opportunity to report and produce stories on the media coverage of migration and portrait the winners Migration Media Award, relevant to their country and audiences. The organisers will ensure for the participating journalists the organisation of interviews with experts, awardees and a cameraman and editing suite will be available to produce short videos for publication in mainstream and social media. Print, radio and online journalists will also be invited to produce stories.

The speakers to the event are:

  1. Janine Di Giovanni, award winning foreign correspondent and Newsweek Middle East editor, book author.
  2. Loick Berrou, France 24 Editor in Chief, will present InfoMigrant a new EU supported media targeting migrants and set up together by FMM, DW, ANSA.
  3. Jean-Paul Marthoz, Le Soir, Belgium, a seasoned columnist, writer, and teacher, advises the Committee to Protect Journalist, Human Rights Watch and Index on Censorship.
  4. Reputed AFP and UPI foreign correspondent, Magda Abu-Fadil, of Media Unlimited, Lebanon, is also an academic and foreign correspondent with many years in Washington and now in Beirut.
  5. Aboubakr Jamai, Aix en Provence University professor, is an award winning Moroccan editor and journalist, founder of Le Journal and Lakome.com.
  6. Tom Law, Communications Officer of the Ethical Journalism Network which promotes ethics, good governance and self-regulation of journalism, has launched the EUMM IV study on media coverage of migration.
  7. Asiem El Difraoui is a political scientist, economist and documentary film director and active with the Candid Foundation / Institute for Media and Communication Policy Berlin A lecturer at the Institut d’Etudes Politiques Paris where he also worked as editor in chief of IP Productions. Specialised on radical Islam, he has covered in documentary films the issue of migration.