The role of journalism for democracy in South East Europe

The EJN’s Tom Law will be taking part in panel discussion on the role of journalists for democracy in the digital era at a conference on journalism education organised by the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Media Program South East Europe.

Last year KAS published a book based on a research among students about perspective on journalism education at universities in South East Europe. You can find the study here:

This book will serve as as a basis for the conference and for a public debate with politicians, media managers and other stakeholders on possible education reforms. speak in the first Panel on the role of journalists for democracy in the digital era.


  • Panel I: The role of journalists for democracy in the digital era Which challenges in information provision are today’s students facing?
  • Presentation of key findings of the KAS book “Requirements for modern journalism education”
  • Panel II: Reforms in universities and the support of governments How can faculties adapt to new professional environments efficiently?
  • Panel III: Training for the market – Cooperation with media outlets What can news corporations contribute to journalism education?

In the afternoon there will be three workshops:

  • Expert Workshop I: Recommendations for universities and governments
  • Expert Workshop II: Recommendations for cooperation with media outlets
  • Students Workshop: Expectations of future journalists